Defenders of Daybreak Archive Index

Index to the Archive of the University of Beryl at Daybreak

Part 1: The Stories

The Early Years

from The Journal of Arcade Deltarion, High Mage of Gaunt

Assorted Travels

The Comet Cycle

from the Recountings of Dylrath Birdhouse

Buried Up To The Neck In Sand

More Miscellaneous Travels

The Eversink Chronicles

The White Kingdom

Upward Bound

Part 2: The Characters

The Defenders of Daybreak

...and other portraits

Part 3: Other Miscellany




Master Chronicler Piratecat's Storyhour at ENWorld.

Character Sheets

War Golem's collection of the Tales of Piratecat



Voices of Darkness

The Filks Page

The Maneuvers