Defenders of Daybreak

Face of Aeos


Welcome to the Scriptorium of the University of Daybreak at Beryl, Special Collections.

I understand you're here today regarding the Defenders of Daybreak Archive?

Good, good. Have a seat. There's quite a lot of material in this collection.

Now, where would you like to start?

Many scholars prefer to begin with the Eversink Chronicles. While not the chronological begining of the Defenders of Daybreak, or even the beginning of their accent to legendary fame (which happened during the Comet Cycle), it is the most complete Chronicle in this archive. For a novice, it is perhaps the easiest point of entry to the saga.

After that, you will probably wish to begin the Journey to the White Kingdom. I used to advise against that, but it is a futile caution. You will want to read all of it, and will quickly forget my warnings that the record ends abruptly and incompletely. So be it--the grief shall be your own. Despair not, however, for the telling of the tale grows every year--we hope to have it all eventually. (Though some doomsayers insist that this record will only be complete at the end of the world, and this well may be true, but it does not indicate whether the end of either is near or far.)

You may then wish to peruse the current writings of the Master Chronicler, Piratecat. Although I dare say, few enough scholars find their way here without having already consumed the bulk of his published accountings. Most of our vistors have devoured all of his writings in prolonged bursts of intense study, and arrive here eager to locate some small tidbit of tale-telling not heretofore sampled.

Ah, yes. We have materials to sate these eager students as well, or at least to feed their insatiable appetites.

What else? Those who have read of Eversink and the White Kingdom, typically choose to study our scattered records of the Early Years of The Defenders of Daybreak. This collection contains excerpts from the Journal of Arcade Deltarion, High Mage of Gaunt, regarding the group's earliest adventures. And some transcriptions of the Recountings of Dylrath Birdhouse, which some find diverting despite their occasional inaccuracies regarding historical veracity.

What else? Ah, the archive is replete with maps, and portraits, and personal correspondence. Feel free to poke around. You never know what you might find here. Perhaps you would be interested in the Love Letters of Sir Valdek and Lady Kirisandra? There are some legal difficulties with making this collection available as yet, but mayhap we shall clear the Matters of Estate before you complete your other readings. And soon we shall have the Journals of Eltariel of Elsewhere, and Glimmer of Alianna and Phorn. Some woefully incomplete chronologies exist of the as yet Unrecorded Years: Assorted Travels, The Comet Cycle, and More Miscellaneous Travels. Many are those who have contributed to this collection, so you must forgive the variability of the accountings.

If you are visiting this archive using Old Magics, which ken not the language of Javascript, please visit the Archive Index to find what you need. Other scholars may find this Index useful as well in understanding the scope and organization of the Archive.

May your studies be enlightening ones, and the joy of learning be upon you.



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