Maneuver 1: Darkness spell

Maneuver 2: Blinding effect

Maneuver 3: Drop to the ground

Maneuver 4: Tao about to charge

Maneuver 5: Feed Dilly to the monster and flee (unofficial)

Maneuver 6: Someone about to crash the door

Maneuver 7: Cover the ears (sound-based attack)

Maneuver 8: Nolin about to try something strange

Maneuver 0: Point blank explosion about to go off (take cover)



These are not to be confused with the "Rules," as in "Rule 1: Never Give the GM ANY Ideas"

Dylrath was also given a series of Inspirational Mottoes and Words Which May Increase Wisdom and Additonally May Have the Virute of Prolonging Life.

These included, among others:

"'I have half an hour, are you busy?' is not a pickup line."
"Never play with a dimensional mirror in a Wild Magic Zone"
"Know your Lower Planes, boy."
"No gloating before striking"
"If you are going to climb all the way up on your enemies back, backstab him, you fool."
"If you steal something, try not to have to return it"
"Stay out of Combat."
"Dylrath, get down, you idiot!"
"Dylly, Shut up."