Sialia writes:
This website is a thank you to Piratecat and all of his players who have made the Defenders of Daybreak campaign an adventure worthy to be remembered.

Many thanks to theRuinedOne and Uvenelei for their immense help in creating the episode pages. Also to Wolfspirit for meticulous proofreading, and War Golem for the PDF compilation and its proofreading. And to all ENWorlders who provided webdesign advice.

Thanks to Tomtom's player who provided web hosting and domain name [for the original site], and to Blackjack for technical advice.

Thanks to Valdek's/Glimmer's player for saving every game related email that Piratecat ever sent to his players, and forwarding them to me when all of mine were tragically lost to a failed floppy.

Thanks to Cthulhu Ftaghn for the use of the Phoenix illustration, and to Malessa for the Marching Ranks of Undead, and especially to David Littlejohn Hendee for the character portraits.

Very special appreciation to (contact) for the very, very helpful art lessons, critiques, analyses, and especially the encouragements. Special thanks to Bandeeto for his writing in the Early Years stories, and for his support during the website building process.

Extra special thanks to everyone who makes ENWorld possible, and to all who participate in it. Most of these stories would have been lost forever if it weren't for the storyhour forum. For the discipline of written memory, and the warmth and input of our enthusiastic readers, we are profoundly grateful.

Blackjack adds:

...and thanks to Sialia for her immense work in compiling 10 years' worth of stories, songs, pictures and people!

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