Assorted Travels

The Flaming Manticore

The Second Burning of the Manticore

The Troubles in Phorn

Ebon Mage Rot and The Great Land Deal

We Defeat Bearsfroth and We Bury the Portal to Shadow, while Avoiding the Ebon Mage Rot, and Alix and Tomtom Turn a Nice Little Profit.

Dealings With Dopples

In which Arcade Locates Material Spell Components in Unlikely Places and Cadrienne Goes A Bit Too Far. The King is Saved.

Dylrath Flies Through A Mindflayer and Arcade Meets the Love of his Life and We Are All Terrified of Her

Journey to Candledin, or, the Death of Clith (Who?), or, Arcade Goes Gray

Nolin Becomes Possessed by a Magic Item and We Have to Hunt Him Down.

Tomb with a View

An earthquake exposes a Big Ball o' Mystery on Valdek's Farm.

Dead Lizardmen Walking

We learn what a Sunlance is and why you shouldn't use Negative Plane Energy on undead creatures.

We Meet an "Old Man" with Seven Yellow Horses, and obtain the Book of the Theocracy.

We are Knighted.

Ratrider by John M. O'Connor, all rights reserved.

Ratrider by John M. O'Connor, all rights reserved.

Honey, I Shrunk the Party or, Killed by Inch High Goblins (a visit to Chadrathar)

Helm of the Hive, or, "We Are One"


A Visit from some Old Foes in New Guise, and Claris is Exceptionally Clever.

Arcade Fehs the Combat and Turns the Deadly Hydras into Slugs, which we Squish with Callous Indifference.

We have a Run-in with Nolin's Brother and End Up Hiding in a Rope Trick.

A Visit to Celay-Terzdun and Tomtom Drinks a Dwarf Under the Table for Fun and Profit.

We Cross the Mountains to take Tomtom to Balligan Starspear for Training.

Birks on Holiday

We Attend an Auction in Sigil and Nearly Lose Our Stake Money, Offer Up Everything Else We Own, and Still Lose the Auction for a God's Eyeball. Also known as Dylrath Sells Tao's Undergarments to A Satyr.

Know Your Lower Planes, Boy!

We Visit Ribcage in a Foolhardy Attempt to Retrieve the God's Eyeball We Didn't Buy at the Auction, and Make the Acquaintence of a Baatezu, Who Does Not Remember Us Fondly. The Eye is retrieved Anyway.

My StepMonster is a Baatezu, Or, A Swift Brick in the Face

The irate Erinyes from Ribcage Marries Alix's Father, resulting in an Uncomfortable Family Reunion.

Holy Avenger Heartburn

And Stay Dead!

(An execution, some giant killing, Taos' Growing Pains Cease and Dylrath's 1st Birthday) Alix discovers a birthday Dylrath had Gone to Some Trouble to Lose, and Insists on Throwing a Party for him, with Elephants. Tao purges her girdle.

Nothing to Fehr

We feed Dylrath to the Monster and Flee. The Maneuver works so well, it becomes a standard. Dylrath loses a fingertip, permanently, because the Guest GM is unaware that Severing Damage is Forever.

A Pilgrimage to Phorn

The Lady Flamegrinder visits the Site of her Lord Bahamut's miracle. She Removes all the Temples from Phorn in order to Consecrate it to her Lord. The Defenders get the Neighborhood used to her, and Vice Versa.

Mages, Don't Let Your Staves Grow Up To Be Despots

We visit the former Home of The Master of Space and Time, Learn his History, and Leave a Large Cave Full of Treasure Completely Unexplored.

A thief, an illusionist, and a monk walk into a bar . . .

We Begin the Journey to Oursk. A Bar is Destroyed. Yes, By Us.

"They're Only Kobolds"