The Comet



Brain on Legs
That Rex. What a cutie.


Buried Up to the Neck in Sand

Descent into the Celestar

Class Is Never Dismissed

I Wish I had a Pencil Thin Mustache

Dances with Deathgranters

The Elven Seer Weeps Blood

The Proxy


The Damming Stone

7/2/1997 Eltariel's crash landing in Gordie's Hole, joined the Defenders & fought the Masters

7/9/1997 Travel to Queenstown, attacked by sabreclaws

7/24/1997 (Alternative PCs) Group of guards attack and destroy a Sabeclaw pit

8/5/1997 Defeat another wing of saberclaws in Queenstown. Meet Kidd (assassin of Toraz)

8/28/1997 Hideous hasted hydra ambush by Wynt & Kidd. Defenders routed.

9/4/1997 Tom-Tom kills Wynt. Another ambush by Kidd, Kidd is slain.

9/17/1997 Show up in Tradesbreak. Mara joins group.

10/6/1997 Battle w/demons in inn. Alix falls into Mt. Celestia.

10/23/1997 Research in Tradesbreak, attempt to rescue Alix.

10/27/1997 Shadows attack. Visit by Hagiok. Alix's funeral.

11/10/1997 Battle against Mang raiders.

11/25/1997 Interrogate the Mang, travel back to inn, read book.

12/30/1997 Wander city of Gecko, meet Sarah and Dry Marta

1/15/1998 Ambush group of Imbindarlans in warehouse w/ undead.

1/29/1998 Dinner with Her Darkling Eminence.

2/11/1998 Guards come for Sharada, talk with Markander.

2/26/1998 Enter time-lost valley, fight with giant bone construct.

3/12/1998 In black tower, fight with crystal spiders. Tao dies and is raised, Martyn stoned.

4/8/1998 Rescue Ioun, restart time.

4/20/1998 Head out into the desert for Tovag Baragu

Flashing Between the Plinths

The Ledgerdemain Opera's Portrayal of the Comet Cycle